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Shrivardhan Beach – श्रीवर्धन समुद्र किनारा

Shrivardhan Beach :

Shriwardhan Beach :

The coast is about 3 kilometres long, very clean and very calm. This is the main attraction of Shrivardhan. Walk around the beach and feel exhilarated. One after the other about 15 Kms from each other these beaches together make the Raigad beaches. The Kondivali beach in Shrivardhan is also a fishing port – Kalcha Jivana, and watching the life at this fishing hamlet is a great experiance in itself.

Shrivardhan beach is very well developed by local authorities. Beach is vast and clean. It is safe for swimming. It is protected by mountains on the both side. You can see Jeevan port on northern side.
Beach have nice walkway along the beach strip. There are view points and bench for relaxation. Enough parking is available in beach area. Some food stall are present in the road. It also have Watersports and hourse rides but it was closed due to monsoon. Good beach for relaxation

Why  Shrivardhan ?

1. Clean beach
2. Interesting Temple. The walk to this temple also is interesting as we have to go through a market area.
3. Small trek to see a naturally formed rocky window .
4. Very well constructed view points.
5. Natural river like U shaped phenomena.
6. Elders can also easy reach all view points around the sea without much trouble.


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