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Devkhol-Ancient shiv god temple :

The entire trek is through dense forests and one sometimes starts wondering if one has lost his way. The temple area is very lonely and silent. Te only movement is that of the priest who comes daily to offer prayers. Even during the day one feels �lost�. The area is picturesque and is obviously of very great age. The Puranas, while describing Harihareswar refer to �Kusumeshwar in the north� This testifies to its great age. Inside the temple there are two shivalings a larger one in the sanctum and a smaller one in the Assembly Hall. There is also a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. There are stone statuettes lying about and it is quite likely that there must have been, at some remote time, a group of temples here. Many of the stone statuettes have been kept in a row against the outside wall of the temple.

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